Infidelity DNA Testing

DNA testing for Infidelity services, we are able to analyse any samples you send us in our laboratory in order to verify the presence of DNA and also to assist in the possible identification of the likely donors.

What Types of Samples can be Analysed by our Lab?

We are able to test many discreet samples. An important factor is the way in which a sample has been stored, whether the item has been contaminated and how old the sample is. We are unable to guarantee a 100% success rate but we can get very close with some samples. Keep in mind that the sample might not even contain any DNA. The type of samples submitted for DNA Infidelity Testing vary; however, the most common samples include hair, underwear, bed sheets, tissues and condoms.

What does an Infidelity DNA Test Show?

  • Human or Non-Human Material: The test can determine if any suspicious stains on items such as underwear contain DNA. DNA will be confirmed by the presence of a full, partial or mixed DNA profiles.
  • Multiple Gender Testing: This will confirm if the suspicious biological stains are from a male or female donor (or both in the case of mixed profiles). Through the identification of the XX and XY chromosome, DNA testing can confirm the sex of the donor.
  • Identification of Donor: If a DNA profile is obtained, then this can be used to include or exclude an individual from being the donor of that particular sample. A reference sample of the possible donor is required for comparison purposes.