What Should I look for when choosing a DNA Testing Company?

DNA Testing is a Complex process and must be performed by qualified and experiences personnel.
The laboratory should be at minimum, ISO 17025 accredited. DNA Test exceeds the minimum requirements for testing and our laboratory is internationally accredited

Why should I Choose a Paternity Test?

A Paternity test is done to determine if two individuals are biologically related or not. The easy home test kit gives the client an answer to this question.

How does Paternity Testing work?

Genetic analysis identifies the unique genetic profile of an individual. Half the genetic profile of a child is inherited from his or her biological father, and the other half from his or her biological mother. By comparing the genetic profiles, a DNA Test can determine whether a person is the real biological father or not.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

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How accurate is DNA Testing?

DNA Testing is extremely accurate from an accuracy of 99.9% to 99.9999%.

Who needs to participate in a Paternity Test?

In a Standard paternity test, the child, alleged father and mother are required to participate. We are however able to perform a paternity test with or without the mother. A test conducted without the mother requires additional analysis, however, results are equally conclusive

Can I test if the father is missing or deceased?

Yes, we are able to test for paternity if the father is missing or deceased. This is done via other relationship tests. Example, siblingship or anvuncular testin.

Are my samples retained?

Samples are retained for a maximum of three months, incase retesting is requested. After three months, samples are destroyed.

What is the difference between a home and a legal test?

The difference between a home test and a legal test is there is no chain of custody followed during the sample collection in the home test. The home test clients perform this for their own peace of mind and not for legal requirements.

What is chain of custody?

Chain of custody is the proper control of the samples collected throughout the testing process for results to be legally admissible in a court of law. For further information regarding legal test, please contact our offices.

How much does the test cost?

Collection kits are R150.00 purchased at leading pharmacies or via our website.
Analysis costs depends on the test you are taking, please refer to order page.

When and how do I pay?

Payment for kit is made either via purchasing the kt at pharmacies or online via our website by credit card or bank transfer. This will facilitate the courier of the kit to you.
Payment for analysis is only done on our receipt of your kit for testing, payment is done either via credit card or bank transfer.

How soon will I get my results?

Once samples are received and payment has been processed, results are disclosed normally between 10 – 15 working days. However, should you require an express option on paternity, results available within 5 working days. Please contact our offices for further information

What does a paternity test report look like?

A paternity test report indicates the regions of the DNA we have analyzed to determine results. It indicates either matches or mismatches per region. It is easy to understand and it conclusively indicates biological match or mismatch indicating paternity or not.

How secure is my information?

Your genetic profile is only used for test procedures and subsequently destroyed according to our internal controls.
Information is not used for any other purposes. Payment details are secure, DNA Test employs a third party secure service provider.

From what samples is it possible to extract DNA?

DNA can be extracted from any body fluid or tissue (Saliva, Semen, Blood, Hair, Nails, etc.). DNA can also be extracted from any item that is contaminated with body fluids, example, bubble gum, cigarette butts, sanitary towels, etc.. Please refer to our page on discreet samples for further information.

Is posting of samples secure?

Yes, postage is secure. We provide a self addressed envelope and recommend postage via registered mail. Kindly contact our offices with tracking number when posting is done to facilitate this process.

What is a Buccal Swab?

Buccal swabs are cotton-tipped applications. They look like the cotton swabs used in personal care but have a longer stem and one cotton tip

Why do I have to take each sample from a different location?

Once an area of the cheek has been swabbed, the loose buccal cells are now on the swab. If you swabbed the same area twice, the second swab could have too few cells from which to obtain DNA for DNA Testing

How are Buccal Swabs used?

Buccal swabs are used to collect cheek cells from inside your mouth. These cheek cells provide DNA for DNA testing.

What does the word ‘Buccal’ mean?

Buccal is a term used for the cheeks or the mouth cavity

Is this like the DNA Tests on crime shows?

This method of collecting DNA is similar to what is seen on TV.c.

What do I have to do to collect the sample?

Brush a swab against the inside of your cheek for approximately 10 seconds using the same force used to brush your teeth.

Why do I have to take each sample from a different location?

Once an area of the cheek has been swabbed, the loose buccal cells are now on the swab. If you swabbed the same area twice, the second swab could have too few cells from which to obtain DNA for DNA Testing

Are there any chemicals on the swab? What if I am allergic?

There are no chemicals or additional substances on the swab. The swabs are sterile and are made to be used by doctors in hospitals. If you are allergic to cotton you should not use the swab.

What if I drop my swab on the floor or table?

Throw out any swabs that are dropped.

What happens to the swab once you’ve used my sample? Is it thrown away?

Swab is destroyed.

I have a cold, will that affect my sample?

Buccal swabs are not affected by the cold virus

I just ate a donut, will food affect collecting my sample?

Buccal swab sample are generally not affected by food, toothpaste, tobacco, gum or alcohol. However, the best quality swab is taken when your mouth is empty.

Do buccal swabs provide a better sample than blood?

No, DNA is found in both buccal cells and blood. Buccal swabs are an easier way of otaining your samples for DNA testing