Detailed How To

Follow the instructions below to collect the DNA samples from each paternity test participant using the safe and effective cheek swabs provided in the kit.

Each Paternity Test Sample Collection Kit Contains:

  • Easy to follow instructions
  • 3 pouches of cheek swabs each containing two swabs
  • 1 order form 1 return envelope
  • Each contains materials for testing the alleged father(s) and/or mother, and child.

Step One

Complete the information required on the sample submission form not forgetting to sign terms and conditions on the reverse side. Complete password and password reminder, as this will give you access to results when they ready.

Step Two

Wash hands first.
Peel back red safety tab and remove one swab. To obtain cheek cells, scrape the bristled end on the inside of the cheek, continue to rub swab on the inside of the cheek for 5 to 6 seconds. Using the second swab, repeat on the inside of the other cheek.

Note: Please take care with young children that you do not poke the end of the swab into their cheek ( you will see the end of the swab has a blunt metal point)

Immediately place both swabs back into the sterile pouch, peel back sealing tab and seal closed. Repeat procedure for other participants.

Getting the specimen collection correct is the most important step. Cheek cells are needed for this test – it is not a saliva test.

Step Three

Label swab pouches accordingly, place together with order form in return envelope. Either post via registered mail to  DNA Test PO Box 65043 Reservoir Hills 4090 South Africa, or contact us and we will arrange for our couriers to collect samples from you.

Your paternity test results will be ready within ten working days from the time the DNA paternity test results online using the reference number provided to you by us. You can also access your paternity test over the phone (password required) and/or have a hard copy of the paternity test results posted to you.

If you have any questions about how to use your Home Paternity Test DNA collection kit.