Discreet Samples In Paternity Testing

Sometimes a parent taking the test may wish to act more discreetly, in order to save others or the children from unnecessary stress and anxiety, if taking a buccal mouth swab sample is too difficult, DNA Test is also able to test discreet samples.

Discreet samples:

Blood stained garments, chewing gum, cigarette butt, licked envelope, licked stamp, semen stain, skin tissue, toothbrush, fingernail clippings, snotty tissue, hair, earwax on cotton bud, used band aid. When handling discreet samples, it is important not to contaminate samples.

Sample Extraction Success
Blood on Filter paper i.e. Whatman, Matrix or Parchment; less than 60 days old 90% or higher
Blood stain on fabric Includes bandage, gauze, tissue paper, napkin 60 – 90%
Bone Femur or humorous bone, at least 8 – 10cm in length. For Forensic cases only less than 20%
Bone Marrow Fresh (collected within 30 days) or frozen. No marrow on slides or in paraffin 90% or higher
Bones from exhumed body For Forensic cases only less than 20%
Chewing gum Bubble Gum – preferred sugarless 60% or less
Cigarette butts Depends on type and brand 60% or less
Condom Depends on storage. Seal and submit in clean envelope 60% or less
Diabetic Test Strip Submit at least 5 strips 60 – 90%
Drinking Straw Submit in clean unused envelope 60% or less
Ear Wax Submit at least 3 on ear buds 60 – 90%
Envelope Flaps Depends on age of envelope and how it was sealed 60% or less
Fetal Demise Reference sample from mother is required 60 – 90%
Hair with roots Ensure roots are present. Submitt at least 5 hair strands. Shed or cut hair will not work 60% or less
Mucus Submit on facial tissue, napkin or paper towel 60% or less
Razor – shaver Submit entire blade, electric or disposable 60% or less
Semen Frozen vial (Sperm Bank) or fresh swab 90% or higher
Semen stain on fabric Area should be indicated on fabric 60 – 90%
Soda Can / drinking glass / plastic container Swab well with cotton swab or send sample with area clearly marked 60% or less
Tampon / Feminine Pad Submit in clean unused envelope 60% or less
Tissue (muscle, organ) embalmed Deceased has been embalmed; tissue in formalin or formaldehyde will not be accepted 60% or less
Tissue (muscle, organ) non-embalmed Depends on age and storage conditions 60 – 90%
Tissue Sample Parafin embedded – submit parafin block or slides 60% or less
Tooth For Forensic cases only less than 20%
Toothbrush Submit in clean unused envelope 60% or less
Umbilical Cord Reference sample from mother is required 60 – 90%

When sending a discrete sample please note that we try our utmost to extract a viable sample for testing. However it is up to you to ensure that the sample meets the above requirements. There is a R 1700.00 viability charge for discrete sample testing. Should the sample not be viable we will request new samples, a further R 1700.00 charge will be incurred.

For forensic case samples a minimum R 16000.00 charge applies.

Please contact our offices for further information.