DNA Paternity test when incest is suspected

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DNA Paternity test when incest is suspected.

DNA testing can help in cases of suspected incest. Incest is sex between two closely related individuals. In South Africa incest is illegal and depending on the age of the people involved, incest can be also considered child abuse.

Most common form for of incest is between father and daughter but incest between siblings is becoming more common and studies are showing this as being the more prevalent.

Proving paternity when a women falls pregnant from an incestuous relationship by either her father or brother is difficult and complicated.

In the case of an incestuous relationship a paternity test can be conducted with extended loci being tested. If the alleged father (brother) is not available and if the child in question is a male then we are able to conduct a Y-Chromosome test with a male relative of the alleged father whom ideally should be a brother (paternal uncle). Should the Y-chromosome match, this will confirm incest.

An alternative option will be a sibling DNA test. A sibling test can be done between alleged fathers’ child and the child of the incestuous relationship. These individuals will be half-siblings if incest is to be true. If not the individuals will be first cousins. An increased/extended loci test is required as this will ensure an accurate result.

I strongly recommend that you contact our offices prior to conducting a paternity test when incest is suspected. 

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